Anna Gulyás


Anna Gulyás is a freelancer dancer and choreographer. Besides her own productions she working in classic theatrical environment, street performances and improvisational theatre. As a dance artist she is working together with the prestigious Hungarian dance companies (e.g. Bozsik Yvette Company, Közép Európa Táncszínház and Duda Éva Company). She also contributes to numerous international collaborations. In her productions she is interested in the creative process of the artistic co-operation. Her work is inspired by live music and the power of emotions. Anna Gulyás is researching the relationship between fixed movements and improvisation – the constant, yet ever-changing aesthetic solutions.







Death and the maiden



To the eternal music of Schubert, the possible forms of man’s personal relationship to death seek the way towards release.

In the blood wedding, the aim is to put a two-sided monodrama into words; to outline the relationships of two women to the unavoidable end lurking in the background, where one of them is forever present and the other only existing in the moment. Their strange relationship, which becomes human as a result of their presence, is evoked by the impossible situation in which individual will and the compulsion to control the situation clashes with the universal process of grief. Matching life with death, where the urge of freedom clashes with the system.


Choreography: Anna Gulyás  

Dancers: Dóra Asztalos, Luca Stohl

Music: Franz Schubert - Death and the Maiden (D. 810)

Costume: Mirtill Gelléri

Lighting: Janka Galkó


Premiere: 31/1/2015




makrancos//taming of the shrew


Placing the story of the well-known Shakespearean drama in present-day context offers quite an interesting view on relationships. Following the relationship-development of the two women of different temperament questions completely the classic situation: can the naive, pliant younger sister be happier with the man, who loves her unconditionally than her unreachable sister, with the man who desperately wants her whole personality.

To trust anyone these days is almost impossible. Would it be better if we gave up, and we could look for the rest and routine, keeping our weaknesses to ourselves? Or can we choose to undertake the challenge together with the possibility of getting hurt and try to get to know and accept someone, who can eventually become more to us than our insistence to our own fears?

Choreography: Anna Gulyás  

Dancers: Dóra Asztalos, Luca Stohl, Dániel Krizsán, Ádám Frigy

Design: Tibor Nagy Grosso


Premiere: 31/1/2015