Ziggurat Project

Ziggurat Project was created in 2013 by three young Hungarian dance artists (Flóra Eszter Sarlós, Emese Kovács, Gergő Lukács). The company works with other permanent members and invited guest artists from different fields of art: dance, theatre, visual arts, music and literature. We create interdisciplinary site-specific performances giving priority to cultural and common places as a platform for dance more than a theatrical space. Our aim is to make relational art with no hierarchical construction in the process, creating a stimulating discourse between art forms, as well as to meet spectators with less expectation and create interaction between the audience and the artists.

Official website: http://zigguratproject.com





„The world is not so bad as we perceive it from the media. They just manipulate us and burn pictures into our head about a war far away. So why is that anxiety? From where do all the nightmares come? Some radical actions throughout Europe... generating chaos. We know well that probably much more people die in a car accident or from diabetes. But we are still frightened... fear about a third round... a war that will probably reach Europe or it has already done.” 

Our goal is to build a unique world in which voice and gesture complete and support each other to tell stories, display situations, ask questions and seek for the answers. The three dancers and the real time – with loopers and effects - created music generate an organic unit and show a world floating on th  border of reality and dream. 

Singing / sound / loop: Eszter Munkácsy

Choreography : Flóra Eszter Sarlós

Dancers: Ádám Bot, Emese Kovács, Flóra Eszter Sarlós

Visual: Malvina Antal

Light: Balázs Szabon


Premiere: 29/5/2017






Dance / installation / video mapping / multi channel sound


A hybrid choreographic installation focusing on sensorial perception. How can we broaden the borders of our sensorial perception in an environment using dance and digital technology instead of blaming the latest for destroying our feeling of mind fullness present ? Our aim is, similarly to floatation-REST, which nowadays is used for therapy having the goal to drift someone into a deep state of relaxation and realizing this way the disconnection from today’s busy environment., to place the participants in a space deprived of the endless input of sensory experiences coming from the world outside and immerse them into a common physical experience.

The project was born from the artist in residency program organized by K.A.I.R. (Košice Artist in Residence) in the summer of 2016 and was presented in the frame of L1danceFest2016 (work in progress presentation), Košice White Night (premier) and Bratislava White Night festivals.


Artistic conception, choreography: Flóra Eszter Sarlós

Artistic conception, video mapping, installation: Matej Ivan (SK)

Musical composition, multi channel sound, live act: Miroslav Tóth (SK)

Performers, creators: Ákos Kalmár, Emese Kovács, Gergő Lukács, Flóra Eszter Sarlós


Premiere: 19/9/2016


esumi and asao



The performance’s aim is to observe how we, Hungarians recept Japanaise traditions and represent them on our own language. Research as preparation (examination of the Japanaise music and movement art by involving experts of the topic) became one of the most important part of the project. Reproducing eastern traditions was not our purpose: we wanted to create a performance by using our inner experiences won from this new knowledge.


Dancers: Emese Kovács, Ákos Kalmár

Musicians: Áron Porteleki, Ádám Munkácsi

Director, choreographer: Ákos Kalmár


Premiere: 17/3/2017

Next times of event:

28/04/2017  |  RS9 Theatre, Budapest