Are we in front of art or are we in front of each other?
The museum is the meeting place for art and people, the artworks are there to be observed. But could the observation be turned into an art itself? Could it make us face each other?
By working with typical ways of being in the museum space and looking at the behaviour of the visitors, the exhibition performance view/ers brings local communities and art lovers into familiar museums.

The interdisciplinary artist and choreographer Jianan Qu... read more

The aim of the creation is, that the artists and creators comming from three different countries (Germany, Turkey, Hungary) will reinterpret the masterpiece of the German literatur and transform it into a research matterial, focused on the different point of views of the tandems.


As planed, the tandem work will be spearated into three units. The program will be done by one local artist, one international artist and at the end the six performers together. All of... read more

"Hidden Connections" aims at discovering traditional music both Eastern Europe and the Levant that share periods of their history. Through our collaboration, we are approaching the archival material as an organic creative tool that can be a medium of communication and interaction between cultures and disciplines which we will present.


... read more


The body has become the biggest phenomenon of 20th century. Naked body; beautiful body; perfect body in numbers... Performance BOI is fusion of contemporary dance; physical theatre and folk songs and dances from various regions if Slovakia. The main question for us is: What represents the maleness? Is it really about big muscles or acting hard and tough?

In our piece we explore a specific way of spirituality, naturalness and connection with roots of our tradition. Still we keep main focus on the body, especially male body. Nowadays people claim that women are extremely pushed to... read more

„FeeLMS for creativity” is a capacity building project involving 5 partner organisations from the Western Balkans and the programme countries, gathered around the common partners’ belief that we can bring in truly innovative approach to youth work by combining it with cultural industry and youth entrepreneurship in a fresh way. The objectives of the project will be realised through 2 mobility activities – Capacity building training of youth workers on creativity and entrepreneurship and a seminar, online platform for exchange (LMS) as well as... read more


On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the events of the Revolution 1956 we will present the historical events in the reflection of contemporary art and eyewitness literature. The project includes a free outdoor installation and an indoor performance. It will be staged in Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic and also in several mayor cities worldwide. Spreading the personal history of the resistance agains the Soviet oppression in our region.

In the centre of the presentation will be the artistic dialogue of the works from eg Milan Uhde, Ivan Klíma, Karel Steigerwald, Péter Zombola... read more


THE JOURNEY / DROM is a collaborative theatre project with Roma and non-Roma artists and communities. Through artistic residencies in the three cities, real stories of those who have attempted this Journey will be collected to become the basis of a stage production, as well as a printed graphic novel.

Originally initiated by Per Aspera (Berlin), the project is developed together with RomaTrial (Berlin), Pro Progressione (Budapest) and Kulturanova (Novi Sad). The multicultural ensemble explores... read more

New Forms in Mixdoor Performing Arts Practices is a combined intercultural initiative, collaboration between art forms, artists and European countries. The four elements of the projects are the juggling and contemporary circus, vertical dance, 3D mapping and GPS-based human interface. We have made a performance structure with three stages, one outside and one inside performance linked to small, site-specific happenings on the way to the theatre. Our aim is to improve the contemporary art forms and to bring up the various arts as well as the people and continents around the globe.

... read more

Rivers of Europe is an international artistic, civic and educational initiative.

RIVE responds to the question of the present and the future meaning of rivers. Historically rivers are not only a main source and center of life, but carriers of meaning for human interaction. On our first journey, starting on the 16th of August 2014, we travel the length of the River Danube, inviting people from the Black Forest to the Black Sea to share experiences and values. Our floating venue offers a wide-ranging cultural program that explores the connecting and dividing forces of the Danube and... read more

The  2-year project, Beyond Front@: Bridging New Territories, will employ dance-related activities to build physical, social a
and creative bridges between:

  1. dance artists in big and small cities;
  2. new “Bridge Partners” in other parts of Europe in order to open the Beyond Front@ network to new ideas and talent;
  3. dance and other related artistic mediums – video, photography, visual arts, writing, architecture, design – in order to: connect artists; enhance the language of dance; foster artistic creations and develop dance sensibility; expose dance to diverse... read more

Project EXCEPT aims to fortificate tradition of social theatre in Europe, by several interwoven threads of knowledge-transfer between NGOs involved in social-arts activities.

We are to construct shared knowledge through common creative work in new “vehicles” capable to move underprivileged youngsters and their communities from hopeless, idle states towards positive, initiative manners of being. We are going to apply the same methodology of with the artists crew, as with the target communities: common creation – the most efficient way of learning and human development.
Mobility... read more

A.S.A (Average speed of answer) is a contemporary dance performance co-production between  Spisanie Edno  and  Derida Dance and a part of the “Circle: connecting dance practices in Europe" project and “Probiotic for the Contemporary dance in Bulgaria”.
The project “Circle: connecting dance practices in Europe" is developed and coordinated by Spisanie Edno Ltd., Bulgaria with co-organizers Pro Progressione Tanacsabo, Hungary and Dance Theatre "Aura", Lithuania and is funded by Programme Culture of the European Commission and... read more

The Home:Scape project will explore stories and notions of home across key European communities, artists and audiences, to develop a multi-media exchange project, which will culminate on a theatre tour in summer 2012.

The Home:Scape project uniquely gathers and connects people and their stories through performance and multimedia. The Home:Scape project will foster cross-cultural exchange between artists, communities and nations. The project is supported by the European Cultural Foundation.

“East, west,... read more


The idea of the programme is to encourage cultural participation in the remote areas and communities of Eastern Europe. The program is aiming to build a sustainable system to solve the problem. We believe that community art practice combined with spectacular interdisciplinary elements offers sophisticated and moving ways of reflecting on the complexity of the world we inhabit. Therefore each partner represent different disciplines:  Interactive Sound Installation (HU), Urban Mapping (MD), New Technology (SRB), Visual Arts and Education (RO).   ... read more


The ‘19/89 – Memories of the Transition’ project aims to research alternative ways of remembering and interpreting historical facts with the tools of contemporary art and active citizenship. The programme involves five partnering countries – Germany, Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary and Poland – who share the same history as all of them went through democratic transition in 1989.

Key elements when planning the project were: generations who have... read more

Pro Progressione, as partner of the DunaPest Festival is implementing a network of small and large scale art festivals along the Danube.

The program aims to foster collaboration and networking among Danube related art programs and help to invent and implement Danube related international cooperations.

The ’Journey to the Beginnings’ is an interdisciplinary project on the borders of contemporary arts – design, music, performing arts and creative writing - new technology and archaeology. The programme’s aims are to trigger visitors’ interest in the prehistoric cultures and sites of the Middle and Lower Danube region and to offer new artistic approaches to the prehistoric phenomena and its relevance to modern times.  The project will address the lack of collaborations between contemporary art, heritage and archaeological practitioners in Central-Eastern... read more

POLIPHONY is a collaborative research project involving traditional and contemporary music and performing arts to discover, record and promote the disappearing cultural heritage of Ukraine. The main goal of the project is to digitalize and archive the last living peasant music in the remote areas of Ukraine and to present it Europe-wide by using contemporary tools of music and performing arts.



PARTNERS:... read more

ARTEMIDOR is an artistic research, exhibition and education project focusing on oneiric dreams connecting two fundamentally different but essentially related aspects of our culture: Dreams and Digital Technologies.    


We believe starting a broad artistic discussion about the culture of dreaming in Europe can create new interactions and inventions, especially when visual and performative arts are confronted with new technologies. The project will introduce new digital technologies to visual and performing artists for... read more

Based on the succes of our intercultural project, titled RIVE – Rivers of Europe, we initiate the establisment of a new community venue for the Danube. the riverside countries trough disciplinary arts. As for the future, we would like to venture into other areas, that can complement arts, and help us explore the community building potential in events of the Danube region. Moreover we would like to join in the new concept of sustainable development which build on collaboration of different sectors. Our work would include enviromental protection, sport, education... read more

In 2015 partnered with EMMI we launched an experimental project with the goal of ‘delivering’ culture to small communities, Local Impro points is a part of this program. 

We want to create a mobile venue that would bring contemporary arts to isolated settlements at least for a day. This would adress the cultural crisis these communities suffer from, and with the creation of an improvisational theater, young actors could visit these disadvantaged areas. Connecting these small towns and the cities are also an important task, that would ensure the future cooperation, common work,... read more