The body has become the biggest phenomenon of 20th century. Naked body; beautiful body; perfect body in numbers... Performance BOI is fusion of contemporary dance; physical theatre and folk songs and dances from various regions if Slovakia. The main question for us is: What represents the maleness? Is it really about big muscles or acting hard and tough?

In our piece we explore a specific way of spirituality, naturalness and connection with roots of our tradition. Still we keep main focus on the body, especially male body. Nowadays people claim that women are extremely pushed to beauty ideal but so men are. And not just perfect body but also perfect work or perfect attitudes. Therefore we try to touch concept of "the right man.

In frame of the our program - project BOI, the Esence tance prize-winning stage miniature of Katarina Kalivodová and Martin Talaga will develop into a full length performance involving director Matej Matejka (SK/PL) and performer Cécile da Costa (FR/CZ/PT).