EXCEPT – Exchange of Community Engaged Theatrical Practices

Project EXCEPT aims to fortificate tradition of social theatre in Europe, by several interwoven threads of knowledge-transfer between NGOs involved in social-arts activities.

We are to construct shared knowledge through common creative work in new “vehicles” capable to move underprivileged youngsters and their communities from hopeless, idle states towards positive, initiative manners of being. We are going to apply the same methodology of with the artists crew, as with the target communities: common creation – the most efficient way of learning and human development.
Mobility is the chance for the outcoming products – performances – to foster development in the visited communities. For the professionals and dilettante artists facing audiences offers the outmost learning.
We are waiting for applicants from all over Europe for our open workshop call. Sharing with outsiders the newly built model, requires a new look on the process. The conscience urge many of us to influence directly the lives of people living in deep distress. We anticipate applications from social workers, pedagogues, artists.

In the countries of Europe – especially in the underdeveloped regions – is a general challenge for artists to reinterpret the role of art in the human lifespan – this lies at the core of our project – experimenting with languages of immediate connection – to turn directly towards people without the cultural filters.
EXCEPT is about unifying various competences that social arts may require and sharing them. We are willing to achieve this in many different ways: by learning from each other, by teaching other partners, by co-producing social theatrical performances, by the application of common knowledge in real settings, work with groups of youngsters and to facilitate the multiplied level mobility of artists, participants and performances, making a film and organizing a conference about the findings of the project.