THE JOURNEY / DROM is a collaborative theatre project with Roma and non-Roma artists and communities. Through artistic residencies in the three cities, real stories of those who have attempted this Journey will be collected to become the basis of a stage production, as well as a printed graphic novel.

Originally initiated by Per Aspera (Berlin), the project is developed together with RomaTrial (Berlin), Pro Progressione (Budapest) and Kulturanova (Novi Sad). The multicultural ensemble explores the poetics and politics of “being on the road” (Ando Drom), and examines how Roma identity and culture is performed today – including the on-going struggle against stereotypes and racism, which create social, political, and economic obstructions for them in every corner of Europe.



PARTNERS: Per Aspera (GER), Kulturanova (RS), Pro Progressione (HU), Roma Trial (GER), GORKI STUDIO R (GER) 

SUPPOTERS: Robert Bosch Stiftung, Allianz Kulturstiftung, Collegium Hungarikum Berlin, Botschaft Der Republik Ungarn



Through this project, we act and advocate for a better representation and understanding of Europe’s largest minority.

It is our goal to work towards better mutual understanding, improvement of Roma standing in publicity and politics, and more harmonious multicultural communities through intercultural exchange and the telling of stories that are seldom heard.

Already as a result of this project, a network of Roma and non-Roma artists is being established, opening the possibility of future collaborations.



The artistic result is a show which destroys your expectations of what a Roma performance should be – full of humour, just the right amount of chaos, and some moments which touch the nerve of what it is like to be Roma today.

On the 8th of April – the International Roma Day – the project’s first work-in-progress performance in Gorki Studio Я was met with a more than sold out house and rave reviews from both the Berlin artistic community as well as some prestigious guests from the Roma political and activist prominence.

The project continues as a co-production with the Gorki Studio Я, to premiere in ehemaliges Stummfilmkino Delphi on October 2016, with guest performances in Gorki Studio Я, Budapest, and Novi Sad.