New Forms in Mixdoor Performing Arts Practices is a combined intercultural initiative, collaboration between art forms, artists and European countries. The four elements of the projects are the juggling and contemporary circus, vertical dance, 3D mapping and GPS-based human interface. We have made a performance structure with three stages, one outside and one inside performance linked to small, site-specific happenings on the way to the theatre. Our aim is to improve the contemporary art forms and to bring up the various arts as well as the people and continents around the globe.

The need of a fresh audience approach led us to explore different expressive means of artistic creation and underline their common ground. The process of research has determined the project's main axis: the combined use of exterior public space and the indoor theatrical spaces. (Mixdoor = outdoor & indoor).


Mixdoor project is co-funded by the Creative Europe program of the E.U

The organisers of this project are the Hungarian Juggling Association and ProProgressione, in cooperation with greek, polish, french and croatian partners.  

Further information on Mixdoor's facebook page and Mixdoor's official webpage